George Green Family


George Green and his wife Everina Dickson Drysdale with three of their children, likely the eldest: – Eva (centre), George William (left) and James Arthur (on his mother’s knee).

George William Green was born 23 June 1883 in Cowesby, Yorkshire, England and died
11 MAR 1962 at Carlisle, Ontario, Canada. He is buried in a cemetery on highway #6, just south of Freelton, ON.
Everina was born on the 11th of April 1889 in Victoria, British Columbia. George met her in Victoria where he served as a mounted policemen in the Victoria detachment. Everina died on the 12 of May 1982 in Ontario, Canada.
Children –
Eva Elizabeth Green 1910–1978
George Wm. Frank Green 1912
James Arthur Green 1916–2004
Edna Anna Green 1921–
Wesley Dickson Green
Robert Stanley Green
Alice Margaret Green
Norma Gertrude Green –1988
Alice Margaret Green –1988