Cowl House, West Bransdale, North Riding of Yorkshire

Newark Wilson (b1819, Grange Farm, Howlsyke, NRY) lived in West Bransdale in the North Riding of Yorkshire, England.  He was a farmer and blacksmith. His wife was Hannah (nee Wood, 1819-1896)) and their children were: George (b1846), Ann Elizabeth and Mary Jane (both born in 1857 as they were twins).

Ann Elizabeth married James Green and Mary Jane married William Atkinson. All three Wilson siblings were born at Cowl House.

Bransdale is in the parish of Kirkbymoorside, north of that town and of Helmsley (you can Google it for the exact location). The church (a ‘chapel-of-ease’) where they attended was St. Nicholas, at the head of the dale (Bransdale) at a place called Cockayne.


Looking West across Bransdale to Cowl House.


My Dad’s mother, Alice Annie Green (1890-1976), was the daughter of Ann Elizabeth Wilson and James Green.

James Green (b1857) was the ‘illegitimate’ son of Esther Green and (we think) George Moon.

George farmed at Cowl House before Newark Wilson came to do the same, there. Esther Green (1835-1917), daughter of James Green and Sarah Ward, was likely a ‘servant girl’ with other farm workers (inside and out) and apparently George took a shine to her. And, the rest is – erm, well – history.


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