Arthur Green

James Arthur Green was my great-uncle, brother of Alice Annie Green, my grandmother (who married Gordon Barber). His parents were James Green and Ann Elizabeth Wilson. Arthur was born 12 January 1888 at Cowesby, Yorkshire and died in Guelph, Ontario, Canada on the 15th of November 1962.

It appears from the picture that Arthur was quite a horseman. The dog seems more interested in something or someone else.

The James Green family, prior to removing to Canada in 1906, rented from Sir Charles Strickland at ‘Welburn Lane Farm,’ Huttons Ambo (High Hutton actually), just west of Malton in the North Riding of Yorkshire. The picture above was taken at this farm.

My father and I visited here in the late 1980’s as did my eldest, Andrew, with me in the early 1990’s. The farm house was by then derelict and what buildings that remained used for hay and implement storage.

Arthur’s mother, Ann Elizabeth (Lizzie) Wilson Green, while living at Welburn Lane Farm, was next farm to her twin sister, Mary Jane Wilson Atkinson who, sadly died in 1900. The twins were born in 1856 at Cowl House, Bransdale. Mary Jane married William Atkinson of Bhonfield Ghyl, that farm situated on the road from Bransdale to Helmsley, near Carlton.

In Canada, Arthur married a Scottish lady, Elizabeth Neven Thomson who was born about 1896 in Glasgow and died in Ontario. They farmed on Whitelaw Road in Guelph Township where Arthur had a milk route as well.




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