School, Huttons Ambo, Yorkshire


When living at  Welburn Lane Farm, the younger Green children attended the primary school at Huttons Ambo, the name for two little conjoined hamlets at High and Low Hutton, just west of Malton, in Yorkshire’s North Riding.

The headmaster (top right) and one whom I believe was a teaching assistant (left) look quite stern and the children looked relatively subdued, even frightened or angry. Perhaps they have been severely reprimanded moments before the picture was taken for typical school child antics and ‘misbehaviour.’ Perhaps, they simply found the whole experience new and frightening.

There are three Green children present in the picture. My Grandmother, Alice Annie (Green) Barber (born 1890) is next two the two boys in the second row (right). She has a wee scowl for some reason.

Annie’s brothers are in rows above. Arthur (born in 1888) is just to the left of the middle boy (top back) and Tom (born in 1889) is immediately below and a little to the viewer’s right of the same lad. (Both have a little mark on their left collar, by which my Grandmother had indicated which students are her brothers.)





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