Esther Green (Richardson)

This is poor photograph, but a close-up of a larger Green family photo, of Esther Green who was born at Rudland, Kirkbymoorside Parish, North Riding of Yorkshire, on the 20th of August 1835. She died on January 1st, 1917 in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.


Esther had a very difficult life, at least at its beginnings. She was the daughter of poor coal pit miners, like many of the Greens of that time, and lived at Moor Houses, Rudland. Her parents were James Green (1797 –  1854 and Sarah Ward (1805 – 1895).

As a young teenage she had to find a way of helping the family and would have gone to the local (Kirkbymoorside?) marketplace at the appointed time(s) of the year, looking to be employed as a servant girl or maid.

She was taken as a servant by the Moon family, then residing at Cowl House, Bransdale. The family was that of George Moon, a young widower. Without benefit of marriage (and perhaps she was ‘forced’), she became pregnant by George with James Green who was born at Moor Houses, Rudland, Kirkbymoorside Parish, 25 OCT 1857.

Subsequently, Esther married local west Bransdale farmer, Ralph Richardson (1839 – 1906). James Green her son was raised by a sister of Esther, Elizabeth (Betsey) – Mrs. Anthony Clarkson Dennis.

Ralph Richardson and Esther Green were married at Salton, NRY, a few miles south of the town of Kirkbymoorside, on the 23rd of October 1860. Shortly after, she and Ralph came to Canada (via Boston), as their eldest, Sarah Jane, was born there, 15 JAN 1860. The next daughter, Mary Ann was born in Ontario and then John R. (Ralph?) who was born in Nassagaweya Township, Halton County, Ontario

The family came next to Eden Mills, Eramosa Township, Wellington Co., Ontario, where Ralph was a ‘waggon-maker’ and blacksmith. Later the family resided in nearby Rockwood, Ontario, also in Eramosa Township.

Ralph and Esther Richardson are buried in the Presbyterian Church Cemetery at Eden Mills, Ontario.

Ralph and Esther (Green) Richardson’s children were:

Sarah Jane Richardson 1860–1952

Mary Ann (Annie) Richardson 1863–

John R Richardson 1865–

Mary Ann (Annie) Richardson 1867–1936

Esther Richardson 1869–1953

Elizabeth Richardson 1872–1895

William Ralph Richardson 1874–1888




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